Old Lady Barkiss

A bumbling, short tempered herbalist who exudes the scent of damp earth.


The herbalist of Dawnford and when needs be its healer. Her shocking white, unruly hair and stooped posture mask a shy friendly woman who finds herself more at home in a gloomy copse than the cobbled streets. She locks herself away in her shuttered store poring over tomes and organic odds and ends.


The heroes recently discovered a handful of residents of Dawnford led my Caelistra attempting to control the village for the good of it’s people. The consensus being that Haeroll has little understanding of the town or their needs.

The Council of Hand consists of Caelistra Beilin, Engelt Dauget, Farmer Dauget, Old Lady Barkiss and Marcella Rose. Barkiss’ gift at healing was her key to accessing the Council, although she did discover it through her own divination abilities.

Old Lady Barkiss

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