Campaign Background:

Mÿridia is the smallest continent on Aërde yet remains one of the richest. Its rolling hills and verdant forests are home to an abundance of nature and rich with natural resources.

The Great King Reigns from the South, the rolling hills stretch north into moutains and fall back into snow capped forests and glaciers to the bitter north. Magic is inherentlty strong in these lands and creatures which ought be of myth and legend roam the forests and glades free from harm or persecution.

Strange whispers are heard on the wind of late, warning those who would listen of a great change. The peoples of this land, but a few, remain oblivious and in the hamlet of Dawnford three heroes begin a chain of events that will decide Mÿridia’s fate.

Adventure Log

The sheer amount of information our heroes will gather and use (or ignore) has meant that the Adventure Log has taken a different approach. Each relevant encounter or lead discovered will take a separate post and will be added to as and when more information is discovered or the quest resolved by the characters. Obviously some may lead to dead ends and others unfold to reveal the adventure in full.

Heroes of Mÿridia

Bermant FrouFrou loke Joezmooman Kid_Dangerous