The most verdant of the five; Varos is defined by its rolling hills and deep valleys. Numerous rivers flow through valleys creating wetlands or further south marshes teeming with life. Lush green woodland blankets a third of the hills creating perfect home for the thriving fey, færie and magical creatures abundant in the area.

A trio of human towns and villages work on the many rivers under the watchful eye of the elves and druids. The river Eau starts deep in the mountains and down to the southern mashes; Dawnford makes use of its fresh water before it spills into the wetlands. A small watermill works efficiently as the water floods down the steep hills to the south.

Bermant is a gloomy mining town to the in the centre of Varos, its position atop a maze of mines borders a dense, dark forest used to fuel its many forges. The persistent rain ensures tourists are a rare sight and many believe the cover of darkness to drawn in disreputable individuals.

Shale is a small fishing village on the northern river Faur, its skilled fisherman use spears and harpoons to make their living as riverfolk, catching the salmon swimming upstream as their ancestors once did, refusing to stray from many of their northern traditions.

Dell stretches out across the wide mouth of the river Keil, it is the industrial hub of the region and is home to the biggest market in Varos and second largest port in all Mÿridia; the Dawnport, so named for its far eastern location. Exotic Merchants from the Eastern Silverlands exchange their wares and passage can be bought to any foreign land. Varos’ Council of Influence aligns here once a month to set the laws of the land and share their concerns with the crown.

The largest city of Varos lies hidden, deep in the Emerald Forest atop a cliff in the far North East. The Laurel King Resides in the Elven city of Aelinhold, where the Council of Eleven gather, self proclaimed rulers of the forest lands, providing the voice of nature.


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