Descended from even smaller fey, the mites are among the most pitiful and craven dwellers of the dark. Hideously ugly, even goblins have been known to mock mites for their homely appearances, mockery most mites take to heart and nurture for weeks, months, or even years in their tiny homes, until their distress and anger finally overcome their natural cowardice and impel them forth on short-lived bouts of bloody vengeance from the doubtful safety of a spider’s back.

Mites, once closer to the strange realm of the fey, have grown larger and stockier after countless generations spent on the Material Plane. Yet still, their stature places them at the bottom of the pile in the dangerous caverns in which they usually live. Their traditional enemies are dwarves and gnomes, particularly the svirfneblin of the deep underground caves. The one thing that gives them a significant edge over an enemy in a fight is their natural ability to empathize with normally mindless vermin—mites are particularly fond of spiders, centipedes, and cave fishers, and a mite colony usually has a few of these far more dangerous monsters on hand to defend the group. Particularly strong fighters are often seen to grow large fungus from their scalps, packing soil around its exposed roots. Once fully grown a ‘MiteCapp’ is as strong as any woodland armour and shades the wearers sensitive eyes, they are also highly toxic to any non-Mite who may be tempted to don one.

Although they have lost the supernatural ability to tinker with magic items, luck, or mechanical objects possessed by their more sinister and dangerous gremlin kin, mites retain the ability to perform minor magical tricks with prestidigitation, and often use these tricks to annoy their enemies. When faced with dangerous foes, a mite uses its doom ability to hex a foe – a mite’s eyes bulge hideously open when it uses this spell-like ability.

A mite is 3 feet tall and weighs 40 pounds.

A small troupe of Mites was discovered living in a copse a day out of Dawnford. Their origin remains unknown but they seemed happy enough in what was far from their natural environment.

Due to a misunderstnding Elsbeth informed the party that Mites were originally human children who are lured from their homes by the call of the fey and cease to age, pouncing playfully on strangers to their lands in the hopes of making new friends. They often weild toy weapons as young boys might. This also explained the lack of children in the nearby towns.


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