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Mÿridia is a continent on the plane known as Aërde. It consists of five countries which have been bound together under a single High King for the last four centuries following a catastrophic invasion by aggressors from beyond the oceans which left Mÿridia’s people and lands devastated.


The first High King, Kaspen the Resplendent, united the five nations in the face of a series of military defeats and, eventually, turned the tide against the invaders. With the nations all weak individually and other unfriendly eyes watching from beyond the seas unification seemed like a logical choice. Through Kaspen’s statesmanship and dedication Mÿridia survived and prospered, becoming stronger and wealthier than ever before. The current ruler King Castor IV has been crowned for less than a year but his zeal and enthusiasm for leadership bodes well for the five nations. He currently resides in the Shining Keep, the ancestral home of Mÿridia’s royalty.

Over the last 400 years Mÿridia has become a pre-eminent nation, wealthy and respected. However, as a peaceful nation it has very little influence on anything occurring beyond its shores and has traditionally maintained a stance of isolationism. Foreigners are rare in Mÿridia’s main trading ports and unheard of farther inland.



The most numerous race in Mÿridia are the humans, making up about 50% of the total population. Most speak Mÿridian as their first language, though some tribal dialects are still maintained. National identities are still strong, a human will view themselves as Varosian or Tillish first and Mÿridian, an admittedly close, second. Relations between humans and Mÿridia’s other races are usually excellent.

Elves have prospered in the last 400 years under Mÿridia’s High Kings. Due to their assistance against the invaders King Kaspen granted them a series of exceptions to local laws, areas of land designated as belonging to the elven people and ensured the humans under his rule respected and valued the knowledge and judgement of the longer lived elves. Elves are common sights in all but the most rural human communities and elves can generally be assured of a warm welcome by humans they encounter.

Due to their friendly relations it is unsurprising that Mÿridian half-elves are common. They are usually better treated than many half-elves as humans respect them for their longer lifespans and affinity with magic and nature. Elves in turn see half-elves as usually combining the wisdom and patience of elves with the drive, ambition and adaptability of humans.

Due to an ancient disaster over 1000 years ago there are no native dwarves on, or under, Mÿridia. No concrete evidence has been found to explain what happened to the dwarves but the academic consensus is that a race specific plague wiped them out though this is far from accepted.

With the lack of any dwarves Gnomes have quickly become Mÿridia’s pre-eminent engineers, craftsman and miners. Their population is at its highest ever level and several Gnomish cities exist within the Western Mountains. Without the Dwarves antipathy towards arcane magic they also create marvellous magically powered artefacts and creatures. Persistent rumours circulate that Gnomish experiments are responsible for several species of magical beasts which roam the wilds.

Seeing Gnomes winning respect and wealth by embracing a new way of living Mÿridian Halflings largely decided to abandon their traditional fringe existence, settling in several permanent Halfling towns. Many Halflings took up the challenges offered by a mercantile life and, as a result, became fabulously wealthy. However, they did not lose their sense of community and so fed their wealth back into Halfling towns and settlements. This cycle worked so well that even more Halflings could become traders and several became scholars or involved in national politics.
Mÿridia today is largely untroubled by violence and its major races live in peace and harmony with one another, though exceptions do occur.


The five countries of Mÿridia and their capitals are;




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