A wide stony outcrop juts over a dense shadowy forest below. Waterfalls break over the eastern edge eventually running their way down to the capital Dell. The houses here are made of course stone and banded iron with heavy wooden doors and thick glass to keep out the driving rain.

The Council of Bermant reside in the high rampart adjoined to the church at the centre of town. Atop a wide brazier of towering flame burns night and day and can be seen for miles around. The smooth cobbled streets are flanked by lurching houses with deep trenches and small crossings to pull the water down through the town and out to the east.

Places of interest:

The Undying Flame – Central tower of the town and home to the councillors and the watch. The great brazier above has been burning for over a hundred years through the driving wind and rain, an accomplishment most feel needs to be celebrated. Beneath the tower an ageing Meister leads the faithful in worship. The joined building representing the most important forces to the Bermant peoples, it’s faith and it’s voice in Myridia.

Wonkie’s Warehouse – A warehouse that only appears to open between the hours of 12 and 3pm. The management heavily vet their potential patrons with 2 vast bodyguards who flank the entrance.

Horan’s Knives and Blades – A small privately owned Smith who specialises in blades and blunt implements to down any foe. A wall to one side has been knocked through to the adjoining store;

Ander’s Armour – An old moustached man with trembling hands works tirelessly at a forge beneath a shelter outside while Ander, an elderly human woman mans the counter inside with a key eye for fine craftsmanship. Several suits of high quality magical armour gleam on manekins in the front window.

Silva’s Snuff Shop – One of Bermant’s more unusual stores full of delicate boxes and every shade of powder you could imagine. He also sells ‘magical’ liquids of every shade.

Gentlemen’s Furnishing Entrepot – A fine selection of the highest quality furniture in all the land, or so the sign claims. The young man inside is always working on his latest order be it a smoking room chair or elegant drinks cabinet.

Places to Stay:

Noisy Rock – A squalid run down pub at the entrance of the town. Its sign swings noisily in the wind clattering against the wall, swinging off a single chain. Few who visit stay at the favoured drinking place of vagabonds and drunks. Unusual beverages boil and bubble behind the bar in every shade of pink to green.

The Dead Fire – Named to offend the town guard members of the watch are never seen in this busy inn. A chalk board by the bar offers several specials and its clean and respectable patrons and appearance make it an ideal rest for the weary adventurer or traveller looking to get out of the rain. The resident fortune teller has a room upstairs and rumour has it that the deceased owner who gave the pub its name haunts any guard that stays the night.

The Queens Vault – An exquisite establishment reserved for the highest class of nobles and rich adventurers, this large town manor is furnished to an exceedingly high tastes and frequently hosts celebrity bards. Being such a fine place to stay it offers a great many additional services for those who are willing to pay the right price, almost anything can be bought.


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