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  • Ser Trepil

    He was the only survivor of those who braved the marshes to seek help from afar when his village fell to a group of Boggards, he was also instrumental in the defeat of the King of Snakes.

  • Queen Aragill

    The heroes befriended the Queen earning her respect with their heroic rescue of her peoples. It is unknown what happened to her father as he was found long dead in the tower and the imposter who had taken his place fled the Boggard attack. She has …

  • Ser Beran

    He fought bravely against the King of Snakes and held off the Cockatrices to buy his people some time. Unfortunately his body was infected by the poison of the bird and his skin calcified. The Grippli have not mourned his loss as Denylith revealed the …

  • Priestess Shameya

    Since leaving Guappo she has been looking to the book of kings for answers. This small dog-eared leather bound notebook is said to detail the great events and disasters of her people, though Denilyth was unable to discover any writing at all. It has …

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