Takky 'the grey'

An average looking goblin child who has more to him than meets the eye.


Tacky is a young goblin framed for the murder of Macealyn during the goblin raid on Dawnford. Luckily Denilyth and Elsbeth managed to discover sufficient evidence to convince the people of Dawnford of his innocence which allowed him to remain under Ser Rory’s charge.


He has taken a particular liking to the Knight Errant and is emphatic in his belief he will one day be asked to squire for him. He is incredibly intelligent and well read for his kind and was often shunned for his ability to read and write in his own tribe.

He has since become good friends with Master Beilin and has his own shelf full of books at the heroes’ home in Dawnford.

Takky 'the grey'

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