Ser Rory Mallistar

A handsome, muscular young man with long hair and piercing eyes.


Rory Mallistar stands 5’11" and weighs 170Ib. He has long brown hair and very light blue eyes.

His clothing is well made and looked after but he usually wears a suit of boiled leather armour whilst travelling. His clothing is emerald green and orange (his father’s colours) and he proudly displays the Mallistar crest on his shield and tunic (a resting, orange dragon on a green field).

In battle he wears a suit of dented scale mail (the best he could afford), a broad wooden shield and his favored weapon, the bastard sword.

He is well spoken and courteous to anyone he meets but is quick to defend his honour or the honour of those around him, with violence if required. That said, he is loathe to hold a grudge and would rather smile than frown. He loves music and poetry and always has a kind word and a coin for minstrels. Rory is easy to get along with but his relaxed manner often hides his intellect and skill at arms both of which are considerable.

Rory also likes animals, especially horses, and anyone who mistreats them will earn his immediate enmity.


Ser Royster Mallistar is the second son of Ser Jorah Mallistar, Castallan of Mallistar Castle. His Grandfather is Lord Royster Mallistar, patriarch of House Mallistar and Rory’s namesake.

Royster (the younger) is a young man of excellent breeding and a comprehensive upbringing. He started his official schooling and martial training aged 11 under his father’s tutors and master-at-arms. At age 16 he was sent to act as squire to Lord Francis Mallistar (his uncle) at Starfire House. Rory spent 5 years learning how to be a knight, drilling with weapons, horsemanship and learning proper courtly behavior.

After Rory excelled in his first tourney, unhorsing Ser Macklin Torvald with the long lance, his uncle wrote to his father to ask for blessing to formally end Rory’s squireship and raise him to the rank of Knight Errant.

Ser Jorah happily endorsed his son and at midsummer that year Rory became Ser Royster Mallistar The Younger. As was traditional Lord Francis gave Rory a small stipend of gold to start him on his errancy.

Ser Rory has set out North to explore the wilds, meet new people and dispatch evil wherever it might be found in the traditions of a Knight Errant.

He is young, fairly unschooled in the ways of the world but a true and noble man who hopes to make the world a better place before he settles down.

Ser Rory Mallistar

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