Queen Aragill

Queen of the Grippli hailing from the swamp town of Guappo.


Queen Aragill is a compassionate ruler and excellent diplomat. Her smooth unblemished skin glows below the chestnut hair that bounces down from her head in perfect waves and curls. Her eyes are wide and innocent and sparkle like emeralds in the sunlight. The only thing that sets her aside from the locals are her lack of shoes and the fresh kelp and brilliant pearls studding her hair.

Queen Aragill is the only daughter of the late King Aragill, the last of his line to reign over the Grippli. The many settlements were once connected but now the Grippli are spread far and wide throughout the swamps. The Queen was recued from a white tower in the middle of a lake. This had long been her home after a powerful witch cursed her with a hideous form, that of a beautiful human.


The heroes befriended the Queen earning her respect with their heroic rescue of her peoples. It is unknown what happened to her father as he was found long dead in the tower and the imposter who had taken his place fled the Boggard attack.

She has begun restoring the lives and culture of her subjects in the town of dawnford, where she patiently awaits the fruits of the last remaining sweetcorn plant in town, having been told by the heroes that eating it will finally break the spell that has plagued her since adolescence.

Queen Aragill

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