Muriel Rose

Landlady of the Tabithia Inn of Dawnford


Muriel Rose is a 50 year old widow and the matriarchal figure around Dawnford. She runs the Inn with her two daughters tending to the visitors and travellers who call in on their way to the bigger cities or into the wilds.

She has fiery red bushy hair which is always pinned securely back, and wears dark velvet and pearls. Being of a robust build her laugh is deep and booming and her cheeks usually flushed with crimson. When she needs to be she is a commanding and stern woman, mopping up drunkards or ensuring tourists are well behaved about the town.

The Inn is named after her current (and previous) tabby cats. Each has been affectionate, overweight and called Tabithia, regardless of gender.


Muriel Rose

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