Marcella Rose

The eldest daughter of Muriel Rose, waitress at the Tabithia Inn


Marcella has pale, lightly freckled skin, flowing red hair to the small of her back and piercing grey blue eyes, were it not for her temper she would be the fairest woman in Dawnford. Marcella is the oldest of Muriel’s daughters and is the business brain behind the Inn. She deals with clients, sets prices and arranges the local suppliers. She is ruthlessly efficient often removing her own mother from the equation to get the job done well.

The Dauget twins will attest her ability to hold a grudge indefinitely.


The heroes recently discovered a handful of residents of Dawnford led my Caelistra attempting to control the village for the good of it’s people. The consensus being that Haeroll has little understanding of the town or their needs.

The Council of Hand consists of Caelistra Beilin, Engelt Dauget, Farmer Dauget, Old Lady Barkiss and Marcella Rose. Marcella was given her seat on the basis of her barter skills and contacts beyond the village limits. She is a shrewd haggler and a fierce negotiator, she does however lack the enthusiasm for the Council’s need for secrecy.

Marcella Rose

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