Macealyn Erfith

A young bookish mountain elf with an inquisitive spark in his eyes.


Macealyn has ebony hair and dark eyes set into his tanned flesh. He is obviously a spellcaster given his dark robes and spell component pouch at his hip. His smooth skin is covered with tribal tattoos which give him a somewhat menacing look to those outside his homeland.


Macealyn is a mountain elf from the central continent, Seinsra. He met the party in Dawnford after fleeing from a mysterious spirit in a tower nearby. His studies have led him to discover several black towers surrounding his home land. The most intact of these is the last he had visited, a week or so from Dawnford, whilst studying some ancient text in the lower tower a presence scared him off and he finally managed to shake it off when he arrived in town a few days before the heroes.

After the heroes had rescued the Grippli Princess and returned to Dawnford a goblin raid saw the towns people fighting for their lives. Unfortunately Macealyn was murder, locked in his room by powerful magic the assailant was thorough in protecting their identity surgically removing his vocal chords to prevent him telling secrets in undeath.

Macealyn Erfith

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