Priestess Shameya

A slight but eyecatching Grippli with electric blue skin and chunky golden jewellery.


Shameya is small for a Grippli but stands out due to her electric blue colouration. She is the Priestess of Guappo and wears a great golden collar to highlight her status. She tends to the sacred lily and is also responsible for consulting the elders over village matters.


Since leaving Guappo she has been looking to the book of kings for answers. This small dog-eared leather bound notebook is said to detail the great events and disasters of her people, though Denilyth was unable to discover any writing at all. It has already provided her with the location of Dawnford and the coming of the King of Snakes.

After her arrival in Dawnford she has become a key member of their society and often provides spiritual guidance for both the Grippli and the Humans. She also works closely with the headmistress of the school house teaching mixed classes of both races. She still leads the Grippli in prayer and worship from the sacred lily each morning.

Priestess Shameya

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