Mack Dauget

Owner of the watermill and farmlands south of Dawnford.


Mostly skin and bones, this gangly villager owns the watermill and farmlands to the south of the village. He never changes opting to wear large brown canvas trousers held up over his plaid shirt, a straw hat keeps the sun off his rapidly diminishing hair and balding head. His three sons work the land while Farmer Dauget tends to his unquenchable thirst for ale at the Tabithia Inn. He is often dragged back after a particularly heavy session by his equally spindly wife, who is unashamed to cuff him should he struggle or protest.


The heroes recently discovered a handful of residents of Dawnford led my Caelistra attempting to control the village for the good of it’s people, the consensus being that Haeroll has little understanding of the town or their needs.

The Council of Hand consists of Caelistra Beilin, Engelt Dauget, Mack Dauget, Old Lady Barkiss and Marcella Rose. Dauget has a large steak in the well-being of the town as all his crops are used by the people, he therefore also holds particular influence though he chooses not to use it.

Dauget was recently taken ill and Rosemary Dauget has been visibly distracted of late.

Mack Dauget

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