Elsbeth Greenleaf

A slight, shoeless, excitable half-elf with a love of nature (especially leaves), never seen without her trusty Brown Owl Beauvoir.


Elsbeth is a young half-elf, fresh from a life lived alone in the woods and eager to travel. Never without her animal companion, Beauvoir, an impressive, large Brown Owl who is her primary protection. When presented with no other choice, Elsbeth will use her ornate root staff to drive away enemies, and is more likely to use her trusty sling or the few nature based spells she picked up during her time.

At 5’10" she has a slight figure, and is very comfortable in her own skin, never learning to be embarrassed around other people. From years of living free and mostly alone, she gets very excitable around new things and people and though she doesn’t fully understand how to act she makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm.

She is always wearing one of 2 handmade dresses, each carefully embroidered with her favourite leaves and flowers. When the occasion calls for it, she wears a suit of leather armour awkwardly squeezed under her usual attire, though nothing could force her to wear a pair of shoes.

She has little care for material possessions or money, but had an expansive collection of leaves and bark from all the places she had visited, and is always equipped with a number of fresh flowers, which she hands out to every friendly person she meets, in the hope of making their day a little brighter.


Elsbeth’s father, George, is a straight-laced human who lives alone in the small village he grew up in, on the outskirts of a huge forest. Like all young men, he had a time of exploration and spent a short while ‘adventuring’. On his travels he met his one true love, and Elsbeth’s mother, Aurora, a beautiful and charming elf who sadly died in childbirth. Upon her death he moved with his infant daughter back to the village he once knew – older, wiser and broken hearted.

Elsbeth grew up an only child in a house filled with sadness for the loss of her mother, though her father loved her dearly, he was aware of the fact she would hardly be grown by the time he reached old age and returned to his beloved, so encouraged her to live freely and independently.

As the only person in the village who wasn’t fully human, Elsbeth found little in common with the townsfolk, and spent her days venturing into the deep woods nearby, building herself her own little world where she felt at home, like she truly belonged. Her treehouse soon became more of a home to her than her father’s house had ever been, and with his blessing it became her true home.

Her visits to her father became less and less frequent until she hardly went anymore, her father encouraging her to see the world as he did, to visit new lands, meet new people and fall in love. Their last goodbye was tearfilled, but she was determined to go and live the life her father wanted for her.

On leaving the village for the last time, Elsbeth decided to seize the chance to live a life worth talking about, left her treehouse and struck a path towards adventure. She soon met her animal companion, who has become like family,and she started to develop her natural ability to cast spells to keep herself and her companion safe, though more often than not the only thing standing between herself and peril is Beauvoir himself.

Elsbeth Greenleaf

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