Denilyth Calindrell

A young elf, with a goal to prove his worth through acts of bravery and heroism


Denilyth stands at about 6" 2’,has an athletic build and long blonde hair. He is fairly young for an elf, at only 120 years old.

He wears a fine chain shirt over a intricately designed tunic and trousers. It looks as if his equipment is all of the latest fashions, but lacks practical use. He also carries with him a longsword and bow, both of which don’t appear to have been used before.

Denilyth is very friendly and helpful, but lacks many of the social graces you would expect from an elf. He is naive and occasionally childish.

Despuite this, his handsome features and fine clothing make him a favorite with ladies, especially humans, who are drawn to his fair elven features.


As the 7th son of one of the most powerful banking families in Aelinhold, Denilyth has never been expected to achieve much.

All his older brothers are either involved in the family business, or have moved away to peruse similar ventures. This has resulted in Denilyth being fairly isolated upbringing, spending little time with other people.

He received tuition in practical necessities, such as numeracy, literacy, geography and history. However, in his free time, Denilyth would sneak away to the library, so read up on the mystical adventures of long dead heroes.

Denilyth was always in awe of the feats of courage and valour displayed by these heroes, and so began to seek out ways to help others and prove his worth. This started off with relatively minor acts of daring, but it wasn’t long before Denilyth received a vicious beating from a group of ruffians that didn’t respond well to his bravery.

His father was furious, saying that an untrained and naïve boy should not go out into the world and get into fights. The message was possibly lost on Denilyth, as he began using his ample allowance to begin combat training.

He thought it best to cover all his bases, so he took up lessons in the sword, the bow and magic, all the things elven heroes of old have traditionally used.

Denilyth surprised both himself, and his instructors, with the speed in which he learned, and was soon fully proficient in all three areas.

With this success, Danilyth felt he should set out into the world in order to prove his worth, and to find adventure, fame and glory.

Denilyth Calindrell

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