Caelistra Beilin

A mysterious and quiet beauty.


The fairest maiden of the ford, Caelistra is a young mother with fair unblemished skin and pale golden hair. She wears gowns of a simple design forgoing pattern and colour and has an elven grace about her.

Caelistra speaks little of herself and the villagers speak even less so. She appears solemn and pure and has a gentle touch, but her mind appears fractured and her desires unclear. Her father was a diplomat to the elves and she spent many years in their homelands until she eloped with her true love Esthouldir who passed away 3 years ago.


The heroes recently discovered a handful of residence of Dawnford led my Caelistra attempting to control the village for the good of it’s people. The consensus being that haeroll has little understanding of the town or their needs.

The Council of Hand consists of Caelistra Beilin, Engelt Dauget, Farmer Dauget, Old Lady Barkiss and Marcella Rose.

Caelistra Beilin

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