Brother Kaylin

Meister in training at the Dawnstone, only son of the current Meister Haeroll.


A slight man with calculating blue eyes and an awkward come-of-age dusting of dark stubble. Kaylun is the son of the Meister of the village who is at present tending to his duties upon the Council of Influence for Varos. He follows the scripture and teachings only to fulfil his roll in the village and as the son of Meister Haeroll. He openly flouts the teachings when it suits him, most notably drinking to excess and courting the youngest Rose.

Kaylun is particularly protective of Lucille and is constantly striving to keep her attention though she has shown little interest in ‘acts of the flesh’. Rory has witnessed his jealousy first hand when enquiring with the young maiden on their first evening.


Kaylin was discovered by the heroes attempting to kill Rory’s latest charge – a young goblin by the name of Tacky who was obviously a scapegoat for Macealyn’s murder. After catching him red handed wearing the same cloak and using the same tactics as the trespasser in the Inn Engelt gave them permission to search his quarters at the chapel. Denilyth was quick to find books he hadn’t read including a journal tucked into the wall and a hiding place in the floor filled with love notes from Lucille and some more sinister evidence.

Kaylin now awaits trial from a cell in the Keep as the evidence amasses against him. A contract written in undercommon details a trade, his looking heroic and chasing off a goblin raid and in return for their pretence anything of value they can find and as many villagers as they could take in the one journey. His journal will be an interesting read for the town’s people, filled with hate and indecencies.

Brother Kaylin

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