Heroes of Mÿridia

Cloak or Dagger

Elsbeth awoke that night in the Tabithia Inn hearing hushed and urgent whispers from the corridor outside. She bravely ventured to the door and witnessed a mysterious figure lurking on the stairs. Once spotted he fled the Inn; cloaking himself in the darkness of the night. Macealyn, a young elven desert walker, awoke last and ventured out, finding Elsbeth more terrified than before had barricaded in her room along with Rory and Denelyth who had taken up arms in the corridor. The man wore a short night gown and clutched a candle in one hand and a spell book in the other. Noting the intruder had not been the wizard Rory and Elsbeth returned to their rooms bolting the doors, leaving Macealyn and Denelyth to arrange an early morning meeting to discuss his findings in nearby ruins and compare arcane knowledge.

The following morning sheds little light on the situation as Macealyn informs Denilyth that while he made plenty of notes the language is completely unknown to him and is taking time to translate.

The trio leave to investigate a nearby copse and leave Macealyn to a day of hard work. When they return the wizard is busy in his room but does not wish to share any developments for the time being. Muriel meanwhile requests that the group look into the mysterious stranger who fled the Inn last night and tells the Lucille saw him again near dawn. The heroes eagerly agree and begin question ting the locals that evening.

Engelt, head of the town militia, informs Rory that no one has reported individuals coming in or out of the village other than Leib and the new Halfling trader today. Regular patrols of the village perimeter have yet to reveal anything suspect.

Lucille reveals that she saw the hooded man atop the stable just before dawn that night. She personally locked up that night and knows the culprit must have broken in. There was also a single bottle of Barley Tonic missing from the bar. Rory does his best to comfort the shaken girl until Kaylin turns up and request he leaves. Muriel is quick to defend the peace in the Inn when Kaylin mutters names under his breath and Rory seeks to resolve the issue with combat.

Delilyth hears tale of a roving group of goblins from the new trader in town. A young Halfling by the name Teflin, whose fine merchandise is sure to outstrip Leibs if his excellent garb and freshly painted wagon are anything to go by. Engelt assures the villagers that a few goblins will be no worry at all for the militia.

He also questions Kaylin who laughs off the accusations he would want to break in. “If I wanted to watch Lucille I’d ask her out and do it in daylight so as to admire her fully!” When pressed as to who he thinks could have done it in the village he seems resistant to answer eventually deciding on Macealyn. “He’s a wizard right? So he’s got them creepy robes already, and that whol thing with the guy coming upstairs could’ve been a mate of his or an illusion! All this trouble started after he got here.” There appears to be a murmur of consensus from the eavesdroppers upon adjoining tables but Denilyth remains resistant to consider the possibility.

Marcella explains to Elsbeth that Kaylin cant be trusted and that he’d say anything to impress Lucille or further poison her mind. Whilst Leib can be heard declaring that “any thief would pick his wares over anything in the town to rob… Hiccup…And I’m positive that it’s an inside job . No one gets past my caravan without me knowing!” before sloshing off out of the Inn and stumbling toward the village outskirts.

When Denilyth returns to bed that night a small note pinned to his door informs him that the tower has a name: ‘Precambrian’ and that Macealyn is closer to unravelling the language.

The following morning Muriel informs the party that the Wizard has not left his room since the the breakfast shared with Denilyth, mistaking them as friends she asks him to take him breakfast which he refuses bluntly. He disturbs Macealyn in the middle of a strange ritual and notices a long black hodded robe in the wizards room, choosing not to mention Kaylins theories or the robe to the others the trio head sounth into the marshes as the dagger draws ever closer to the cloak…



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